2017 Schedule

Playoff Seeds
1st seed- Team 5 Orange
2nd seed- Team 4 Purple
3rd seed- Team 7 Yellow
4th seed- Team 6 Navy
5th seed- Team 1 Red
6th seed- Team 2 Royal blue
7th seed- Team 3 Baby blue

It was one of the most competitive UCSD Summer Lacrosse League seasons ever! Above are the playoff seeds… The championships are truly up for grabs with just a few W/L games separating all the seeds. Several “upset” games in the last week shook up the seeds dramatically. Take note of the seeds for playoffs and spread the word to teammates!!!

Wear your official pinnie to the playoff games. There will be roster checks. No add-ons allowed! If you have 10, you play with 10 so get your teammates to the games!

2017 Summer League Schedule Now Available.